HSUSA Readiness Modules

There are few opportunities in life that offer a chance to grow and experience the USA in a safe and caring environment.

Develop rich friendships with American teenagers.  The social life is different in the USA, but friendships last a lifetime.

Home in the USA
Gain a second family in the USA, that wants to learn about your culture and have the joy of caring for a new family member.

Why Become an Exchange Student?

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The experience of studying abroad is unique, as it allows students access to high-quality educational programs in a safe and culturally diverse learning environment. Those who brave this adventure enter a world of unparalleled opportunities by practicing their favorite sport, expanding their knowledge of the arts, and exploring their interests and hobbies. They grow academically and personally from a wide range of classes and activities.

It is a complete cultural experience.  With HSUSA, we incorporate international students into a classroom with local students who have a friendly nature with newcomers. They also live with a carefully selected local family that provides a safe and welcoming home.  HSUSA is for young people with a high English speaking and comprehension level, who are largely independent, flexible, disciplined, responsible, and capable of adapting.

You'll live in a family's home and you'll travel by pre-arranged public transport to your school.  You will take a few core classes and can participate in elective courses to explore your vocational interests.  At no additional cost, students can elect courses like computer science, business, foreign language, writing, arts & design, music, personal finance, or others that are available at your school. You're encouraged to incorporate into social, cultural, and sports activities in your community after school.  The costs of this High School program are more accessible than in private schools.

HSUSA leads the student exchange industry in helping students prepare for their exchange with our DOUBLE THUMBS UP preparation modules - seven video modules for students helping them understand the challenges and joys of assimilating to a new culture.  You’ll become duel-cultural!  We take the time and care to guide you through the process.

While you’re in the United States, your host family will care and support you throughout the year.  Our Local Coordinators are the second layer of support.  The HSUSA staff is the third layer of support, giving you 24/7 support during your entire school year visit.
Our home office is located in Nashville, TN.


To be an accepted HSUSA exchange students, you must:

 - Be between 15 and 18.5 years of age when they arrive in the USA.

 - Be in good academic standing

 - Be enrolled in a secondary school when you apply and not completed high school before you arrive

 - Successfully completed HSUSA's Two Thumbs Up Cultural Assimilation Modules
HSUSA considers English ability, academic performance, maturity, flexibility and willingness to adapt to a new culture in our selection process.  We look at the “whole picture” for each applicant and select those students whom we believe can successfully navigate an academic exchange year in the U.S. while being away from family and friends back home.


August - December    Complete your full application by January 1st for the early completion $500 discount.
January - March    Get your visa with the USA Embassy in your country.
March 31st    Deadline for on-time applications.
April - August    Get to know your host family on Skype!
Mid/End of August    (7 days before school starts)     Fly to the US for a 10 month adventure.
January    Earn an invitation to HSUSA’s High School Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN.  EXCLUSIVE with HSUSA
End of May    (7-10 after school is out)    Fly back home and see the world in a bigger and broader way.


In country HSUSA representatives will have specific price information.  HSUSA gives students premium service and care at a single competitive price (no add-ons). 

Program price includes:

*All pre-departure cultural assimilation training and orientation     

*Placement with a carefully selected Host Family
*Guaranteed enrollment in a U.S. high school       

*Important Department of State paperwork
*Orientation once arrived in the United States      

*Room, board, and basic transportation provided by your host family
*Medical insurance          

*SEVIS Fees and English Language Testing Fees       

*A local mentor/coordinator and 24 hour support
*Earn a trip to Nashville, TN (Music City USA) for the HSUSA High School Leadership Summit
    *Must have positive host family and local coordinator approval     *Follow the rules of high school student exchange.   *Maintain passing grades in school
*Follow-up meeting after returning in your home country


Your host family is your first line of support.  10 years after their exchange, most exchange students say have a special place in their heart for their host family.   In your application, you’ll list your interests and your preferences.  You’ll let us know if you have allergies to pets or smoke and how active you are.  Then we look at our interested host families and match you with a family with similar disposition and interests.  We consider the relationship between a student and host family to be the most important relationship of your exchange year and the preparation we give you before your exchange largely relates to helping you understand American families and how you can understand them and treat them well.  Remember, they want to get as much out of the experience as you!


Congratulations!  I have two young children and I’d be very proud if either of them had the courage and maturity to do a high school exchange.  We’ve hosted exchange students a number of times and even lived overseas.  Our family knows the benefit of cultural exchange.

You play an important role of your son's or daughter’s independence, responsibility, and readiness for this exchange.  Having worked with hundreds of students we’ve learned plenty and we’ll share with you the best ways to support your child through this amazing experience.

We intentionally have Sending Partners in your country so that every aspect of the exchange can be explained to you clearly.  We care for each student on a HSUSA student exchange and we know them all by name.  You and they will have our 24-hour emergency number while they are on their exchange in the USA.  Thank you for trusting us with your son or daughter and thank you for trusting them.  They will have a fantastic experience!


Tony Ripley - International Program Director, HSUSA


Are you Global Ready?

Attending HIGH SCHOOL IN THE USA is a fantastic experience and becoming GLOBAL READY has life-long rewards.

How's your English? 

Are you adventurous and excited to make American friends? 
HSUSA is a non-profit organization and we have the DOUBLE-THUMBS-UP promise.