Cultural exchanges are profoundly impactful and life-changing. 

HSUSA's value comes from providing superior service for host families and exchange students.  Going on an exchange or hosting an exchange student is a big deal, and you don't want a bad experience through a poorly run program. 

With our sponsoring partners, HSUSA facilitates a fantastic experience for host families and students through excellent preparation and support. 

Expand your family through an HSUSA Student Exchange!

Host an exchange student

What makes HSUSA unique?

High School in the USA (HSUSA) is a non-profit, launched in 2019 by Global Educational Concepts, a company with a rich history with deep roots.  As a part of The Southwestern Family of Companies, HSUSA comes from a lineage that began in 1855.  The Southwestern Family of Companies' mission is to invest in purpose-driven people who are inspired to build principle-guided businesses that impact the world.  HSUSA is a natural addition to The Southwestern Family of Companies.  We believe that when we experience people from a different culture, it bursts the bubbles of our preconceived notions about other cultures.  We open our eyes to the grandeur and variety of people in the world.  Cultural exchange expands our world.

Southwestern companies consistently grow; it's a part of our history and DNA.  How?  We continuously ask two questions, "Who are great people be can bring on board?  And "How can we do it better?"  At HSUSA, our strength comes from our professionalism and how we care for people.  Being a part of student exchange is life-changing, and we're prepared to guide you through this type of experience step-by-step.   We offer better training for our international students, host families, and host communities, and we stand by more explicit expectations for all.  Through our preparation and professionalism, our service creates a fantastic experience, as enjoyable as it was intended to be.