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Host families become Global Ready.

Hosting an exchange student is a fantastic growth opportunity for everyone involved, and it's also a big decision.  More Americans want their family to have a real connection with internationals. Hosting an exchange student gives you a robust cultural experience in your own home. 

"The enemy is fear.  We think it is hate; but, it is fear."  - Gandhi.

High School in the USA (HSUSA) is proud to be a part of GEC which has brought tens of thousands of international exchange visitors to the US for over 20 years.   We're becoming experts at training and preparing exchange students for living in the US and preparing families for hosting.  By walking with our families and students, we take the fear out of international friendships, helping students and families have an extraordinary experience.


 Why host an HSUSA student?

1. Gain a brother or sister, son or daughter from overseas.

2. Wonder. Laughter. Empathy. Connection.

3. Service, make an exchange student’s dreams come true.


5. Your whole family gains a global perspective


7. Need. We need families who care

Steps to hosting an HSUSA Exchange Student

Contact Us. We will connect you with a Local Host Family Coordinator who can show you the available exchange students for your area.

1. Contact Us

Complete Your Host Family Application. The more detail you provide about your families interests, the easier it is to match you with your perfect student.

2. Complete Your Host Family Application

Now it gets exciting! If you apply early, once you're accepted you'll have plenty of time to Skype with your student to get to know him or her.

3. Chose Your Exchange Student

What makes HSUSA students special?

With over 80 exchange sponsors to choose from, there are many good exchange programs, and some are not as strong.  Most exchange programs will be members of CSIET, the gold standard for exchange programs, but some are not.  We all offer 24-hour support and have a community representative living within driving distance, checking in on you and your exchange student regularly to ensure you have a great experience.  We believe three main factors make HSUSA the best exchange program.

Two-Thumbs Up Standard

Every HSUSA exchange student takes our unique cultural exchange preparation classes.  They emotionally and mentally preparing students to navigate potential cultural challenges, giving them the proper mindset for a great exchange experience.  Put simply, a great connection with their host family is the student's number one job while they're in America.  We discuss being respectful, having gratitude, openness, and full participation while in their exchange.

Direct Applicants

HSUSA works primarily with direct applicants supported by our overseas teams. Unlike other exchange programs, we rarely work with outside agents.  Why is that important?  Our Two-Thumbs Up [high] Standard for pre-departure preparation makes us more selective of our students. Students who are interested in exchange for the wrong reasons self-select out and host families like that our exchange students are eager for a great relationship with their host family.  

Cultural Assimilation

While we don't say our students are of higher quality than others, they may be better prepared.  Preparedness creates a fantastic experience for the host families and the student.  HSUSA also offers exceptional preparation and support for our host families. A local coordinator lives within yours or a neighboring community, there to support you.  Finally, HSUSA uses creative and resourceful ways to help the host family engage with the student.