Welcome to the HSUSA Local Coordinator Hub.  Here you can complete your training, download helpful documents, and share ideas with the HSUSA Local Coordinator community. 

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Each training contains videos, texts, and opportunities for you to respond.  As you begin to build your network, we want you to successfully reach your goals this year, but we're also thinking long past year number one.  Building a successful business as a local coordinator requires you to think long term and that you build your networks each week.  We're here to guide and support you through the process.  It will take lots of effort and you'll learn a lot, but each year as more students have a fantastic experience, your personal pride in the impact your making and the momentum in your communities will grow.  As a team, we want help you succeed at reaching your goals both personally and professionally.  Welcome aboard!


Download the Local Coordinator Overview


The history of HSUSA and what to expect as a Local Coordinator

The Local Coordinator Stipend Schedule for 2020-21


Local Coordinator Training #1
Learning the system
You'll learn about our shared folders, website, videos, and Local Coordinator Tracker.  All the tools help you develop your network and find host families.