Local Coordinator Training #1
Learning the System

Completing training module #1 requires that you have a Google account to be invited into our shared resources. 

Estimated time to complete this module:  60-90 minutes depending on reading speed and thoroughness.

Introduction to the Local Coordinator Tracker

A key component to being an effective Local Coordinator is developing a vast network of key people, leaders or teachers in the community who can allow you to present about hosting an exchange student to their group/class or who will hand out flyers for you.  But how will you keep track of all these people and how will you keep track of your progress?  The LC Tracker is a Google Sheets tool that organizes your contacts and follows your progress.

Click vimeo above to see in full screen

Local Coordinator Tracker Video

After watching this 8:30 video, the Local Coordinator will:

1. Know where to organize information about their school and key person networks.

2. Know to find the introductory documents in the Sending Partner Folder

3. Know how to work with their LC Coach with "Action Items" tab and on the "LC Dashboard" tab

Introduction to the Local Coordinator Shared Folder

The LC Shared Folder is a Google Drive shared folder that has copious videos and informative PDFs to help you understand the process of becoming an effective Local Coordinator.  As you read the articles in Folder 1.0 Getting Started and 2.0 Prizes, Calendars, and Great Articles you'll understand the Local Coordinator's role and HSUSA's culture.  You don't have to read all of the articles, but please read the documents listed under "GETTING STARTED" on the Local Coordinator Tracker. 

There are many videos of host families and students to inspire you.  On the left is a video of Karen from Egypt with her host mom Amy.

Introduction to the Local Coordinator Coaches

Weekly, or on the schedule that you set, you'll have a chance to connect with your coach until you're fully acclimated to the Local Coordinator role.  Are you interested in becoming a coach with HSUSA?  Our coaches lead by example.  Place 10 students in a year and you've earned the right to coach others in the process.  *LCs who have placed 10+ students outside of HSUSA are able to be "grandfathered" into HSUSA's coaching opportunities once they learn the HSUSA coaching system.

Linda Suiter

Steve Bliss


Are you our next coach???

Complete the four Action Items in the Local Coordinator Tracker Action Items tab then complete the form below.

Your responses to the questions below will be sent to your LC coach.

Local Coordinator Training #1 Complete
Well done.

p.s. Brain Food

What there's more?!  At HSUSA, we care about YOU, holistically.  We've added a section about brain food.  It may or may not help you find more host families, but it could help you be a better friend, mother, father, partner, who is happier and well adjusted.  Here's some brain food that you can consume on YouTube or Podcasts.  Have great brain food to share?  Let us know!

How to Hack Your Habits to Achieve Lasting Change.  Donald Miller with James Clear